My name is Alexander,

I am an award winning photographer from Clifton, England. I am incredibly lucky to wake up each day and pick up a camera for a living, sometimes it might be for a single image, other days for two thousand. I’ve been fortunate to photograph out of helicopters at 4000m in the French Alps and in the deserts of Morocco in 40 plus degree heat. It doesn’t really matter where I am, it’s the quality of the subject and light that are most important. Often the hardest of conditions yield the most powerful of images.

I’ve always love shooting film, Kodak Portra film to be precise. It has the colour palette that I visualise when taking an image in my head, and handles natural light in a way that it feels when I push the shutter. Nothing beats seeing the big medium format scans from my lab after a shoot. It’s so exciting; everything is there for you, the colours, the tones, the gradation between light and dark, the crispness, and so much more.

I’ve shot digital, both medium format and 35mm before, and shot some images that I’ve really loved. But that’s the difference. It’s always been a couple of images I’ve loved out of hundreds. When I get my scans back from my lab technicians after a shoot I fall in love with EVERYTHING.